How To Turn Loose Anger Through Forgiveness

Several years ago a lady called a prayer line because she wanted relief from the pain of arthritis and several physical ailments. After gaining an understanding of her ailments, the prayer partner informed her that he would pray for her. As the prayer partner started to pray, he felt an urge to stop the prayer, and he asked the lady if there was anyone in her life who she needed to forgive. She replied, “no”. The prayer partner proceeded to pray for the lady a second time, but felt the same urge to stop the prayer and to ask if there was anyone in her life that she needed to forgive. This time the prayer partner asked if someone might have offended the lady during the past week, two weeks, month, or past year? Again, the lady replied, “no”. The prayer partner attempted to pray a third time, but quickly felt the urge to stop praying again. This time the prayer partner asked the lady if anyone had offended her in the past two years, five years, or ten years? When the prayer partner said ‘ten years’ the lady began to cry. After regaining her composure the lady informed the prayer partner that she had been molested by her step-dad as a young girl and had kept it a secret for over 50 years.  After explaining her situation to the prayer partner the lady indicated she wanted to forgive her step-dad, but did not take the opportunity to do so before he died. Nonetheless, the lady forgave her step-dad during the prayer, believing that her heart and body would be healed. A week later the prayer partner received a call and recognized it was the lady for which he had prayed. The lady was so excited to report that every physical ailment had been healed, she was no longer anger at her step-dad, and that her heart was filled with a great peace for the first time in decades. The lady further stated that ‘the act of forgiving’ her step-dad had transformed her life.  docsmb

About docsmb

Dr. Bartley is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the state of Texas. He holds doctorates in Counselor Education and Supervision and in Theology. Dr. Bartley is a Certified Anger Management Specialist V (CAMS-V), a member, consultant, and diplomat of the National Anger Management Association. Dr. Bartley's newest workbook,"Peace Be Still! Calming the Anger Storms Within" is available. This workbook offers a biblical perspective on anger management and includes Scripture meditation, prayers, and daily action steps. This resource is available for $20 (includes S & H).
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