The “Real” Problem is not Your Anger!

Contrary to popular belief, anger is not a bad thing. In fact, anger can be a very good thing. Especially when it motivates you to take action in the face of an injustice. So, if anger is not a bad thing, then why do people do bad things when they get angry? People do bad things when they become angry because they fail to use skills to channel the energy of anger in a productive manner. So the real problem is how you choose to express your anger, rather than the anger itself.

For example, when fire is used in an appropriate way, it can cook a meal, heat a pot of water, or keep a house warm in the winter. But when fire is used inappropriately, it can burn your house down. The same thing is true of anger. Anger can be expressed in a positive, constructive, and meaningful way. It can also be expressed in a negative, destructive, and harmful way. When anger is expressed in a negative, destructive, and harmful manner, we tend to deem anger as a bad thing. But it’s how anger is “expressed” that should be called into question!

An important question we need to ask ourselves is, “When we’re angry, how do we express our anger”? Do you allow your anger to burn out of control (like a raging fire) or do you use your anger as a motivator to accomplish something worthwhile? Just remember, your anger is not the “real” problem. But how you choose to express your anger may very well be!

Dr. B.

About docsmb

Dr. Bartley is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the state of Texas. He holds doctorates in Counselor Education and Supervision and in Theology. Dr. Bartley is a Certified Anger Management Specialist V (CAMS-V), a member, consultant, and diplomat of the National Anger Management Association. Dr. Bartley's newest workbook,"Peace Be Still! Calming the Anger Storms Within" is available. This workbook offers a biblical perspective on anger management and includes Scripture meditation, prayers, and daily action steps. This resource is available for $20 (includes S & H).
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  1. lynhoy says:

    Hi Seigel, this is great! I posted i5 on my Facebook page! Happy July 4th!

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