Angry Friends and A Contagious Disease

Did you know the way people express their anger can be contagious? Befriending an angry person is like hanging around someone who has a bad cold, the flu, or even COVID-19. It’s just a matter of time before you are sick with what they’ve got. Folks that are habitually angry will model inappropriate behaviors and mannerisms. This is a huge reason why angry people are not the type of friends you want to associate with on a consistent basis. When you hang around angry people, it won’t be long before you learn their demeaning habits and acquire their scolding temperament. Before you realize it, you will say things and begin acting like “_name_”.

Rather than spending time with an angry person, seek out people who will challenge you to be a better person. Find people who model self-control and good judgment, especially when things are stressful or hectic. And if you happen to be a habitually angry person, seek anger management training. Doing so will change your life… and probably the life of someone that would like to have you as a friend.

About docsmb

Dr. Bartley is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the state of Texas. He holds doctorates in Counselor Education and Supervision and in Theology. Dr. Bartley is a Certified Anger Management Specialist V (CAMS-V), a member, consultant, and diplomat of the National Anger Management Association. Dr. Bartley's newest workbook,"Peace Be Still! Calming the Anger Storms Within" is available. This workbook offers a biblical perspective on anger management and includes Scripture meditation, prayers, and daily action steps. This resource is available for $20 (includes S & H).
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  1. lynhoy says:

    Thanks Seigel! Great insights as usual! I shared it on Facebook! God bless, Lynette

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