Anger Management Certification Training -Plano, TX, October 1 & 2, 2018

Anger Management Institute

Trainer – Specialist Certification Workshops

This 2-day Fall Workshops provides:

12—NBCC CE hours, ACEP #6577.

NBCC CE hours accepted by NAADAC & Texas State Board for:

    – Social Workers

   – Marriage & Family Therapists

   – Professional Counselors

Click on link for registration information


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Anger Management Workshop, Houston, Texas

Anger Management Institute trainer – Specialist Certification Workshops

Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX

July 23-24, 2018

Click on link for information on how to register for this workshop!

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Anger Management Training – March 15 & 16, 2018, Plano, Texas

Our Anger Management 2-day Workshop will be held on March 15th and 16th, 2018, at the DBU Plano, Texas, campus. Please use this link for information about the workshop and to register online.

Seating is limited so register early!!

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Relax… Calm Down… Chill Out…

Many of us are running to and fro at speeds unimaginable, multitasking as we go, attempting to not let anything fall to the ground. Did you know that STRESS is a huge reason why people have angry outbursts! Are you taking time to ‘fully’ unwind from the stressful agenda of each day? Or do you unwind just enough to ‘take the edge off’ so that you can jump back into the ‘rat race’ to complete the next task?

With the holiday season quickly approaching we need to purposefully plan on times of  relaxation, or just simply, “chilling out”. If you are going to control your angry outbursts, maybe you should think about incorporating a time of relaxation into your anger management strategy!

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If only… If only… If only…

If only I hadn’t done it… If only she… If only he would of… Are you thinking about what you might have, should have, or could have done different to change the outcome of your destructive behavior? Are you wishing you could turn back the hands of time and do it all over again? Are you regretting the harmful words you spoke that damaged a close relationship,  feeling remorse about the property you destroyed, or the harm you brought upon yourself? And now, looking back, you search for reasons for which your anger is out of control.

Explosive anger is very problematic because the outcome of a destructive response is often regretted. A quick temper does not solve problems, it exacerbates them.

Thinks about it… You could learn to be assertive, rather than aggressive, if only… You could have a better marriage, if only… Things could be better, if only… You could exercise better control over you emotions and learn anger management skills, if only… If only…

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Now Be Honest… Is An Angry Response Necessary?

So, maybe someone moved to avoid an obstacle and stepped on your toes in the process? Or, you yelled at someone who accidentally bumped into you with hot coffee? Or, you continually think about how to harm a person who didn’t intend to bring harm to you.

Sometimes, people respond in anger to a situation or person when the offense was not intentional. If we are honest with ourselves, we would admit that not all provocations are intentional. Sometimes, the harm one suffers is due to an unfortunate circumstance or situation. Sadly, for many, this truth may be hard to accept.  Why? Well, there are a plethora of possible reasons. One reason that often surface is that angry people are hurting emotionally from past issues. Rather than resolve an underlying issue from their past, these individuals are quick to demean others. The good news is, angry people do not have to live their lives being angry at the world. Help is available!

If you have unresolved past issues that trigger your anger, send an email to Or visit

Help is available!

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Anger and Domestic Violence. All Inclusive… Regardless!

Professional athletics, doctors, presidents of organizations and corporations, judges, policemen / women, elected and public officials, university and college professors, school principals and teachers,  postal service employees, sale clerks, grocery stores employees, restaurant workers, private contractors… this list goes on and on and is all inclusive.

The point is, you will find people from all walks of life and status who struggle with anger management and domestic violence issues. Everyone experiences circumstances and situations that will provoke their anger. Unfortunately, some of us do not know how to express anger in a productive and meaningful way.

Sadly, many people know that their anger is “out of control” but they fail to take the necessary steps to seek the help they need. Maybe you are needing help with controlling your anger. If so, we would like to assist you. You can email your request for assistance at

I applaud you for taking the next step in becoming a better You!

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Anger Control Issues… Again?

Is your anger out of control? Do you allow anger to dominate your  relationships at home and work? When you become upset, do you  lash out at others, and later regret it? Do you ‘blow your top’ over small things in a matter of a few seconds? Are you tired of making excuses for your angry outburst? If your response to several of the questions above is ‘yes’, you could benefit from anger management training!

Anger management training helps individuals learn how to manage their angry emotions in a healthy, constructive, and productive manner.  Knowing when to take a ‘time-out’, being assertive (rather than aggressive), managing stress, learning relaxation techniques, understanding how to use conflict resolution skills, and developing empathy, are skills that will help you build and maintain healthy relationships!

If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX Metroplex, (or seeking information on managing your anger) and would like to discuss how to better manage your anger, send an email to

We believe “Anger Is OK”… when it is kept under control!



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How To Turn Loose Anger Through Forgiveness

Several years ago a lady called a prayer line because she wanted relief from the pain of arthritis and several physical ailments. After gaining an understanding of her ailments, the prayer partner informed her that he would pray for her. As the prayer partner started to pray, he felt an urge to stop the prayer, and he asked the lady if there was anyone in her life who she needed to forgive. She replied, “no”. The prayer partner proceeded to pray for the lady a second time, but felt the same urge to stop the prayer and to ask if there was anyone in her life that she needed to forgive. This time the prayer partner asked if someone might have offended the lady during the past week, two weeks, month, or past year? Again, the lady replied, “no”. The prayer partner attempted to pray a third time, but quickly felt the urge to stop praying again. This time the prayer partner asked the lady if anyone had offended her in the past two years, five years, or ten years? When the prayer partner said ‘ten years’ the lady began to cry. After regaining her composure the lady informed the prayer partner that she had been molested by her step-dad as a young girl and had kept it a secret for over 50 years.  After explaining her situation to the prayer partner the lady indicated she wanted to forgive her step-dad, but did not take the opportunity to do so before he died. Nonetheless, the lady forgave her step-dad during the prayer, believing that her heart and body would be healed. A week later the prayer partner received a call and recognized it was the lady for which he had prayed. The lady was so excited to report that every physical ailment had been healed, she was no longer anger at her step-dad, and that her heart was filled with a great peace for the first time in decades. The lady further stated that ‘the act of forgiving’ her step-dad had transformed her life.  docsmb

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It’s My Behavior, Not My Anger

An individual will eventually become angry when provoked the wrong way. When a person becomes angry, this should not be viewed as a bad thing. People are entitled to express angry emotions because anger is a natural and legitimate response to a provocation. The problem is not that we exercise our right to be angry, but that we sometimes express our anger in an inappropriate way. When a person seeks anger management training, s/he might think, “I need help controlling my anger.” The fact is, expressing an angry emotion is OK. What some individuals lack are skills they can use to control their “behavior” when they become angry. It’s the manner in which anger is expressed that is problematic, not anger. Wouldn’t you agree?  docsmb

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